Randomness and Excuses

I haven’t been blogging much. I tried to think of all the reasons and I can only come up with two: 1. I’ve been sick and 2. My parents and Jax are in town this week.

About two weeks ago a sore throat turned into bronchitis and an ear infection. I finally started feeling better last weekend. So I spent most of the weekend catching up on things that had fallen behind while I was sick.

Jax went to his dad’s the day school was out and just came back this past Monday. Jax is bouncing between his dad and me this summer. My parents had planned a trip to see me in Maryland this week and brought Jax with them. He’s going back to his dad’s for another week then coming home for the month of July. He’ll go back to his dad’s for two weeks in August and then come back home for the last week of summer vacation.

Jackson’s report card from 2nd grade arrived in the mail today and it was awesome…especially considering all the crap we went through this year! The only area needing improvement overall is Listening Comprehension. He received outstandings in Music, Science, and Handwriting! I am so proud of him! We are looking forward to third grade!

Well, that about sums things up for now.


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