Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…better late than never

Merry Christmas everyone…a very belated wish but still heartfelt…and I hope y’all are having a Happy New Year!

Christmas was a busy time for us…as usual.

Jackson’s birthday was on the 23rd (also his last day of school before winter break) so we made cupcakes the night before. Actually I made cupcakes for the after school care kids…his school requires all things to be store bought…so we bought cupcakes to share with his class. The night of the 22nd also brought a visit from Santa to our neighborhood. Jax and I had planned to go to Dave and Buster’s for his birthday dinner but a water main bursting in Bethesda prevented that little trip. So we settled for pizza and a movie at home.

Christmas Eve…I had to work and since Jax was already out for winter break…he came with me. The office closed early and we headed home to finish getting the house ready for company on Christmas Day. During the night, Jax had a seizure and ended up in bed with me the rest of the night. As usual, he was fine after the seizure…as usual, I’m not that lucky.

Christmas Day…I think I am one of the very few fortunate parents that doesn’t get a wake up call before dawn on Christmas morning. Jaxcan usually be relied upon to sleep until 8am. So I was puttering around upstairs waiting for him to wake up…he did and then we ventured downstairs to see if Santa had made a stop at our house…he did!

Here’s a rundown of the loot we received:

to Jax from Santa: Ben 10 Alien Force for PS2, Crash Bandicoot Mind over Mutant for PS2, Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber, Agents Lego Mission 8 (super exclusive), Animated Transformers Rollout Command Optimus Prime, Bakugan stuff, Batman Pajamas, some other little things

to Me from Santa: 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid (25 years ago, I got my first Cabbage Patch from Santa – Leila Margaret…this year…Margaret Pollie), Electric Griddle, skirt, sweaters, pjs, watch, business card basket, some other little things

to Jax from others: board games (Sorry, Boggle), pjs, TriBot, Kevin 11’s car, Guinness World Records 2009 book, Electronic Drum Set, Microscope, movies, Agents Legos, Nerf Gun

to Me from others: DS game, perfume, pjs, CD, calendars, pot holders, digital picture frame, gift cards

to Us from Santa: Wii, Guitar Hero World Tour, Mario Kart

We made out very well!

Christmas Day brought my parents…my mom, my step-dad, and my dad (not as weird as you might think) for a visit. Mom and Ed couldn’t stay long as they had to drive back to VA (work, dogs, etc.). My dad stayed for a couple of nights which was really cool. Christmas night was pretty low key…playing with our new toys. To make up for Jackson’s missed birthday dinner, we took my dad with us to Dave and Buster’s for lunch and games. Most of the time with my dad was spent catching up rather than being on the go…which was very nice.

New Year’s Eve was spent in a Guitar Hero battle until the ball dropped at midnight.

Things have been going very well…staying very busy…being very happy!


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