Happy (belated) Mother’s Day

Happy indeed!!

Jax and I went to Muffins for Moms at his school on Thursday. It went so much better than last year! It was just lovely.

A few people had asked Jax if he needed to do some shopping for me for Mother’s Day. His reply was “I’ve got it covered” or “It’s taken care of” which I thought was adorable and of course wondered what he could possibly have up his sleeve. Friday afternoon when I picked him up from school, he could hold it in no longer…he had made a pin out of pressed paper and a beautiful card. The sentiment he wrote in the card made me cry…I assured him they were tears of happiness!

I was greeted with a wonderful breakfast Sunday morning! Then we went to Medieval Times for a late lunch/early dinner! Bonus…our knight won the tournament!

The Red Sox vs Rays game was on TV Sunday night and they were swinging pink bats in support of breast cancer research. Bonus…the Red Sox beat the Rays!

It was truly a memorable Mother’s Day! Hope all of you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day and felt especially loved and appreciated!


One thought on “Happy (belated) Mother’s Day

  1. Stopped by to say “Hello!”

    So glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    I am no mother – but on Saturday I enjoyed the day with both my Mother & Daddy!

    so….Stopped by to say “Hello!”

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