and we’re back

Wow…I’ve missed this!

So much has happened since  I stopped blogging. I’m hoping to start blogging again but I’m not going to make any promises or resolutions just yet.

Here’s a quick update…I’ll break it down by month

May 2009…my last post was about Mother’s Day…after that…Bob and I closed on our first house together

June 2009…Jax finished 3rd grade and we began the process of packing our townhouse and moving into our new house in a new town…we adopted a dog, a husky we named Layla…my mom and step dad came to visit us in the new house…and I celebrated my 33rd birthday

July 2009…We continued packing, unpacking, and settling into the new house…Bob’s daughter (Heidi) came to visit us…and we all got along great…and I turned in the keys to my townhouse and officially moved in with Bob

August 2009…Still unpakcing and settling in…Jax stayed all night at his first overnight b-day sleepover…I met one of Bob’s brothers (Bill) and his dad (Norm) for the first time…my BFF AE came for a visit and got to meet Bob finally…and Mom and I made baskets at the Longaberger/Boyds Bear annual shindig

September 2009…still unpacking and settling in…Jax started 4th grade at his new school…Bob and I saw Jimmy Buffett (my first time)…my mom came for a short visit…Heidi came for a short visit…Poolesville Day…we made it to two Boston vs Orioles games in a row…and I took Bob on his first trip to Busch Gardens

October 2009…still unpacking but pretty much settled…Jax started taking sax lessons…my mom came for a short visit…we all got more involved with Cub Scouts…we all three had dental check-ups in the same week (just a weird coincidence…and no cavities)…Jax and I both battled the flu…and Halloween (didn’t celebrate much since Jax and I were both sick)

November 2009…finished battling the flu…Scouting for food (our town gathered 5,000 pounds of food for WUMCO)…Layla got spayed…Bob and I got engaged (!!!!!!!!!!!)…if possible, Bob and I got even more engrossed in Cub Scout as I became the assistant Den Leader, Bob became the Committee Chair, and we both went for an entire day of training…we had Thanksgiving at Tommy and Don’s house so Bob got to meet some more of my family…and mom and I did the annual Back Friday shopping excursion and it continues to be something I look forward to every year

December 2009…Bob celebrated his birthday…Heidi came for a visit and her boyfriend (Greg) joined us for a couple of days…we were hit with the blizzard of 2009 (20 inches of snow)…Jax got 3 days off from school and thus began his winter break early…Bob’s dad (Norm) celebrated his birthday…Norm came for a visit…Jax celebrated his 10th birthday…Bob’s son (Brian) came to visit…my mom and step dad came for a short visit…and a Merry Christmas was had by all

Phew…that about sums it up!

So…look forward to posts about wedding plans, blending families, and marital bliss in the coming months 😉

I hope you and yours have had a wonderful 2009 and look forward to an even better 2010!!


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