Arrrrr…Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

You’ve been waiting all year for it…today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Read an interesting and fun article here. Basically this holiday was started by two guys that liked to rib each other. But not with the same old standby jabs, oh no, they used pirate lingo in their banter!

And really, we don’t talk like pirates enough these days. So celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day today! Arrrrr, Matey!

Here be some of me favorite pirate phrases:

I’m a love pirate and I’m here for yer booty!

Is that a belayin’ pin in yer britches, or are ye just happy to see me?

And a short list of me favorite pirates:

Captain Feathersword

Cap’n Crunch

Captain Jack Sparrow

Me pirate name be Black Charity Flint (get yer own here)

Keep in mind, it’s TALK like a pirate day not DRESS like a pirate day

For more fun on this here Talk Like a Pirate Day, get yer booty over to


One thought on “Arrrrr…Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  1. Stopping by to say HELLO! – and let you know that I
    wonder often how you are!
    I’m sure you’ve been as busy as I — so NOW
    I’m going to send you Happy Holiday Greetings!


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