Cleaning Out the Insides

Boy…with a title like that, I bet y’all are worried this is my recount of a colonoscopy prep experience…but nah, that was a couple of years ago and I’ll spare you the fun details 😉

This is actually a food thing I have that I just kind of decided to randomly write about.

So, we got Toaster Strudel (rasberry) the other day. We haven’t had them in years…so it’s a nice treat…and we had a coupon…yay!

I was enjoying one for breakfast…ok two…but I did eat them slowly and one bite at a time…not all one on top of the other style…although the icing would make a nice adhesive and that might be something to keep in mind on those running late kind of mornings…anyway…Jackson walked in and asked what I was doing as I scraped the majority of the fruit filling out of the flaky pastry shells. I explained rather sheepishly that I think there’s too much fruit filling so I scrape some of it out. I gave him a bite and he asked to have them for breakfast the next day.

So it’s the next day and Jackson is enjoying his toaster strudels…fully intact…well cut in half to allow for cooling…those things are like lava encased in pastry…but I didn’t gut his like I did mine. After breakfast, Jackson strolled into the kitchen and said he agreed that there was too much fruit filling and he would prefer his gutted from now on. I smiled and decided that either I wasn’t a weird food freak or that if I was, at least I was in good company with my kid 🙂

Then I started thinking about this whole fruit filling thing…did I have this hang up in other areas? Yes, in fact I do. I have been known to eat just the outside crust of a pop-tart because I think there’s too much filling in those too. I also scrape the insides out of egg rolls and just eat the outside shell. I ate a donut this morning and ate the outside and left the apple cinnamon goop center in the trash…I guess that’s what inspired this blog post.

So yeah…I’m a little weird when it comes to filling…or perhaps I’m a pastry purist and just enjoy the foundation more than the fluff.


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