Mishaps with my Mom

My mom and I have a great time together! We spend hours shopping, laughing, and talking and always yearn for just one more day together.

But we also often find ourselves in mishaps when we’re together. During my last visit with my mom, we reminisced about some of these mishaps and she said I should blog about them…don’t know why I never thought of that before!

So, I’ve dedicated a page to “Mishaps with my Mom” and will be posting funny stories about the special mother/daughter bonding we often find ourselves in.

Coming soon…eyebrow threading, eyelash tinting, elephant charging, dog attacking, and Italy (yeah, we mishapped all over a couple of countries)

We have learned from these mishaps…

1. The only beauty regimen we are allowed to do together is a pedicure…so far those have been safe

2. Although our travels often involve mishaps, we will never stop travelling together because it’s always fun and we bring back some amazing stories

3. My husband and my step dad are two very special men that “get” the relationship my mom and I have

More to come…stay tuned…and make sure you pee before reading any of these posts because Pinkchick cannot be held responsible for ruined upholstery 😉


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