Wearing White After Labor Day

Wow…two years since I last blogged!

As fall quickly approaches and summer becomes a distant memory…many are reminding us that it’s time to put away our white clothes until Easter (or is it Memorial Day?).

I used to follow this “rule” and I remember the first time I broke it.

I took a modeling class at the local mall when I was in high school. I had no delusions that my 5’3″ not model skinny frame would bust open the doors to short, curvy girls everywhere hoping to grace the pages of fashion magazines and strut up and down  catwalks. I took the class because they taught fun stuff like make-up, hair, and fashion. Something else they taught that none of us were aware of, self confidence. At the conclusion of the class (sometime in March) we were all going to be in a fashion show in the middle of the mall where friends, families, and strangers would watch us strut up and down the catwalk in the Dillard’s Spring Collection. The clothes were provided but we had to wear our own shoes. My outfit required a pair of white Sam & Libby bow flats. I had wanted a pair of these shoes since first seeing them in Seventeen (to this day, my heart still flutters when I see the Sam & Libby logo). So I made my way up and down the catwalk without tripping or falling and while holding my head high and remembering to smile. The following Monday, I wore my new Sam & Libby’s to school. A classmate complimented my shoes and added that she also had a brand new pair, but her mom wouldn’t let her wear them until Easter.

Since then, I’ve broken the rule hundreds of times but every time I was aware that I was facing a fashion taboo and wondered if I would be confronted, questioned, judged, or *gulp* murdered (remember “Serial Mom”)!

A few years ago, a fashion blogger I follow reiterated this rule and swears by it in her own life, claims not to pass judgement on those who break the rule, but clearly has a small window of acceptable exceptions to said rule. Around the same time, right after Labor Day, some colleagues and I were discussing the rule and they had either never heard of it or thought it was stupid and didn’t follow it.

So I began wearing white after Labor Day regularly and the fears of confrontations, questions, and judgement began to fade, but they were still there…a little.

Well, Labor Day has just passed and once again, I approach my closet with the “should I” or “shouldn’t I” questions when it comes to my beloved white pants. This year I was determined to completely squelch any and all lingering fears of judgement by others. I decided I needed arguments for breaking the rule and I came up with a great one. Why are we putting away a pair of pants we wore just yesterday when the weather is exactly the same today and will be the same for the next however many weeks? If we suddenly had a 20 degree day in the middle of summer would we not don our sweaters and wool coats just because they’re not meant for summer? I felt empowered and I wore white pants with confidence at least five times last week!

But then, a little sneaky bit of guilt crept in and I decided I needed another argument. I began reading online articles about the rule and support of not following it and I found my mother of all arguments…Coco Chanel didn’t follow the rule and white was often a staple in her wardrobe no matter the season. The clouds parted, angels sang, and I was completely free from all guilt and fear. I saw a shining light in the cracks of my closet doors, when I opened the doors, it was all the pieces of white in my closet, looking just a little crisper and a little brighter, no longer shouldering my shame.

What am I wearing today? Black slacks and a black/off-white printed blouse. It’s a lovely outfit, work appropriate, and weather appropriate. Did the shame get me again as I chose what to wear today? No, not at all, it just so happens I wore white so much last week that all of my nude panties are in the laundry 😛


Cleaning Out the Insides

Boy…with a title like that, I bet y’all are worried this is my recount of a colonoscopy prep experience…but nah, that was a couple of years ago and I’ll spare you the fun details 😉

This is actually a food thing I have that I just kind of decided to randomly write about.

So, we got Toaster Strudel (rasberry) the other day. We haven’t had them in years…so it’s a nice treat…and we had a coupon…yay!

I was enjoying one for breakfast…ok two…but I did eat them slowly and one bite at a time…not all one on top of the other style…although the icing would make a nice adhesive and that might be something to keep in mind on those running late kind of mornings…anyway…Jackson walked in and asked what I was doing as I scraped the majority of the fruit filling out of the flaky pastry shells. I explained rather sheepishly that I think there’s too much fruit filling so I scrape some of it out. I gave him a bite and he asked to have them for breakfast the next day.

So it’s the next day and Jackson is enjoying his toaster strudels…fully intact…well cut in half to allow for cooling…those things are like lava encased in pastry…but I didn’t gut his like I did mine. After breakfast, Jackson strolled into the kitchen and said he agreed that there was too much fruit filling and he would prefer his gutted from now on. I smiled and decided that either I wasn’t a weird food freak or that if I was, at least I was in good company with my kid 🙂

Then I started thinking about this whole fruit filling thing…did I have this hang up in other areas? Yes, in fact I do. I have been known to eat just the outside crust of a pop-tart because I think there’s too much filling in those too. I also scrape the insides out of egg rolls and just eat the outside shell. I ate a donut this morning and ate the outside and left the apple cinnamon goop center in the trash…I guess that’s what inspired this blog post.

So yeah…I’m a little weird when it comes to filling…or perhaps I’m a pastry purist and just enjoy the foundation more than the fluff.


I am newly engaged…yay!!

The ring Bob proposed with was too big (meaning the ring size, the diamond was just perfect). So I took it to the jeweler and had it sized down.

In announcing our engagement and showing off the ring, there were many women that said they hadn’t worn their wedding and/or engagement ring in years because they were too small and they didn’t want to or hadn’t gotten around to getting them sized to fit. This just struck me as very odd.

I understand not getting your rings sized during pregnancy with the hopes that your fingers will return to their pre-pregnancy size and the rings will once again fit…that makes perfect sense.

But…if…let’s say a year or more has passed and the rings still don’t fit…why do women choose not to have their rings sized to fit?

Let’s look at it from the other side…what if you lost weight since getting engaged and/or married and your rings are too big…would you stop wearing them or would you get them sized down to fit?

I completely understand that hope that you will eventually get back to the size you once were but we do have to be realistic. Even losing weight doesn’t mean that your body goes back to the way it was…same shape, same weight distribution.

I think we need to let go of the idea that getting our rings sized up when necessary means that we’ve given up on ever losing weight. If it is a weight thing and you end up losing the weight…then you can always get the rings sized down again. But if it’s a body change thing that no amount of weight loss will change, then why are you depriving yourself of the joy of wearing such a meaningful piece of jewelry?

I love showing off my engagement ring but, I also love looking at it myself. I tilt my hand to watch it sparkle in the light. I love the way it looks and even more, I love what it means. Something else I’ve noticed…Bob  notices me staring at my ring and I think…no I know…that he gets a thrill out of seeing me so happy with the ring he gave me.

So…take that beautiful ring out of your jewelry box and go to a jeweler and have it sized so you can get back to wearing it, enjoying it, and showing it off!

Your wedding and/or engagement ring cannot be compared to that pair of skinny jeans you’ve held onto since high school hoping that someday they will fit again.

The beautiful thing…no one has to know that you had it resized!!

Thought I should post a picture of my beautiful ring! This is Jackson holding it before I had it sized down.

Random Update

Our New Year is off to a good start.

I don’t have a lot to report but I thought I’d post something.

The National Walk for Epilepsy is in March. So, I’ll be posting requests for your kind donations soon 😉

That’s about it for now…hope all is well with y’all!