2010…so far…an update

January 2010…Happy New Year…recovering from the holidays and a lot of visitors…wedding planning begins…Jackson is SGA Representative for his class…Philadelphia and Battleship New Jersey trip with Cub Scouts…incredibly early morning drive from NJ to MD because Jackson got sick on the ship – not seasick, some kind of stomach bug from hell…I got it a few days later and thought I was going to die…the month ended with all of us well, me ten pounds thinner (thanks to the stomach virus), and some snow on the ground

February 2010…preparing for more snow…snow projections say “paralyzing” over our region…bought a treadmill…SnOMG…snowmageddon…over 2 feet of snow and a lot of cabin fever…Cub Scout bake sale was well-timed though…while stuck in the house I baked 4 cakes, 6 loaves of bread, and 26 cupcakes…as long as Selby’s had eggs, I was going to keep baking!…Happy Valentine’s Day!!…bought our wedding rings ūüôā

March 2010…shopping for a wedding dress with my mom…ended up buying the first one I tried on after an entire day of shopping and telling myself there was no way I could fall in love with the first one…Pinewood Derby and Jackson placed third!…got wedding shoes…fabulous pink Kate Spade strappy¬†heels…wedding plans changed…originally planned for May 22nd in Virginia but changed to April 13th in Maryland with a trip to Disney World with our kids!…Bob ran in the Shamrock Marathon along with his brother Bill and his nephew Greg while my soon-to-be sister-in-law Susan and I cheered them on and got sunburnt…Jackson was George W. Bush in a wax museum project at school

April 2010…Jackson spent a week with his dad in Virginia…Bob spent some time in Virginia while his dad was in the hospital (doing well now)…I became Mrs. Swanson ūüôā …we went to Disney World for 6 magical days…Heidi was able to join us for 3 of them and Brian for only 2 but it was great for all of us to be together!!…recovering from the trip and beginning our Happily Ever After ūüôā

May 2010…Bob ran in the Frederick Half Marathon…Happy Mother’s Day!…Work Picnic…our debut as Mr. and Mrs. Swanson…slow month but a happy first month of wedded bliss

June 2010…AC went out ūüė¶ but it was under a kick ass warranty :)…yard sale…Jackson spent another week with his dad and saying good-bye isn’t any easier than it was when we started doing this 7 years ago…Topsy Turvy…bell peppers a success…tomatoes were late bloomers…Happy Father’s Day!…I turned 34…my parents visited for a week…Jackson started karate…Jackson attended Cub Scout day camp

July 2010…Induction Day for Bob’s daughter Heidi at the Naval Academy…an emotional day for all…Happy 4th of July…Bob’s brother and his family came for a visit…we had an earthquake, really? an earthquake!!…we were awake and we did feel it and I did drop the F bomb as in WTF was that…I got a potter’s wheel…it’s been a dream of mine for a long time…Cub Scout rocket launch…100 days of marriage…Bob sent me flowers and everyone at worked gagged :)…severe thunderstorm…biggest understatement since they said we got “some” snow…nearly 7o mph winds and a lot of limbs from our neighbors’ trees in our yard…but we didn’t have any damage and never lost power…some folks had severe damage and were without power for a week

August 2010…Bob and Jackson built me a custom wedging table to go with my potter’s wheel…Plebe Parents Weekend at the Naval Academy…Jackson spent another week with his dad in Virginia…Longaberger Event at Boyd’s with my mom…Jackson started 5th grade and is a Safety Patrol!!

September 2010…9-02-10!…Labor Day with some great friends…back to playing Bunko¬†and a much needed GNO¬†(hope it continues)…Cub Scouts

Well, that covers most of it! This is a very good reason to keep up with blogging…this was exhausting!


Why I’m not blogging like I used to


Since Bob and I got together, I seem to have less time for a lot of things I used to do. I don’t talk on the phone as much, I don’t shop as much, and I don’t blog as much as I used to. The weird thing is, I don’t miss a lot of those things. Sure, I still enjoy talking on the phone with friends and family and I still love shopping, but those things are still there, they just don’t take up as much time now.


I never had that many regular followers. No one subscribed to my blog. In the beginning, blogging was something I did as an outlet and I didn’t think much about whether or not anyone else was reading, enjoying, or hating. Then, I realized that some undesirable people had found my blog and I didn’t like the idea of them following my life.


I had been blogging about my own life and now I have someone else in my life. If I’m blogging about day-to-day life, talking about Bob and our life would eventually find its way into the blog. I wasn’t really sure how Bob felt about this. This also goes back to those undesirable readers, did I want them following my new life and that of my new family?

But I miss it and I’m doing my best to get back into it

I’m still following Allie¬†and her blog has given me some inspiration. I may use some ideas from her to get back into the habit of blogging regularly.

So, if you are a regular reader, undesirable or not, welcome and I will do my best to give you something new to read every few days and thanks for sticking around!


I am newly engaged…yay!!

The ring Bob proposed with was too big (meaning the ring size, the diamond was just perfect). So I took it to the jeweler and had it sized down.

In announcing¬†our engagement and showing off the ring, there were many women that said they hadn’t worn their wedding and/or engagement ring in years because they were too small and they didn’t want to or hadn’t gotten around to getting them sized to fit. This just struck me as very odd.

I understand not getting your rings sized during pregnancy with the hopes that your fingers will return to their pre-pregnancy size and the rings will once again fit…that makes perfect sense.

But…if…let’s say a year or more has passed and the rings still don’t fit…why do women choose not to have their rings sized to fit?

Let’s look at it from the other side…what if you lost weight since getting engaged and/or married and your rings¬†are too big…would you stop wearing them or would you get them sized down to fit?

I completely understand that hope that you will eventually get back to the size you once were but we do have to be realistic. Even losing weight doesn’t mean that your body goes back to the way it was…same shape, same weight distribution.

I think we need to let go of the idea that getting our rings sized up when necessary means that we’ve given up on ever losing weight. If it is a weight thing and¬†you end up losing the weight…then you can always get the rings sized down again. But if it’s a body change thing that no amount of weight loss will change, then why are you¬†depriving yourself of the joy of wearing such a meaningful piece of jewelry?

I love showing off my engagement ring but, I also love looking at it myself. I tilt my hand to watch it sparkle in the light.¬†I love the way it looks and even more, I love what it means. Something else I’ve noticed…Bob¬† notices me staring at my ring and I think…no I know…that he gets a thrill out of seeing me so happy with the ring he gave me.

So…take that beautiful ring out of your jewelry box and go to a jeweler and have it sized so you can get back to wearing it, enjoying it, and showing it off!

Your wedding and/or engagement ring cannot be compared to that pair of skinny jeans you’ve held onto since high school hoping that someday¬†they will¬†fit again.

The beautiful thing…no one has to know that you had it resized!!

Thought I should post a picture of my beautiful ring! This is Jackson holding it before I had it sized down.

and we’re back

Wow…I’ve missed this!

So much has happened since¬† I stopped blogging. I’m hoping to start blogging again but I’m not going to make any promises or resolutions just yet.

Here’s a quick update…I’ll break it down by month

May 2009…my last post was about Mother’s Day…after that…Bob and I closed on our first house together

June 2009…Jax finished¬†3rd grade and we began the process of packing our townhouse and moving into our new house in a new town…we adopted a dog, a husky we named Layla…my¬†mom and step dad¬†came to visit us in the new house…and I celebrated my 33rd birthday

July 2009…We continued packing, unpacking, and settling into the new house…Bob’s daughter (Heidi) came to visit us…and we all got along great…and I turned in the keys to my townhouse and officially moved in with Bob

August 2009…Still unpakcing and settling in…Jax¬†stayed all night at his first overnight b-day sleepover…I met one of Bob’s brothers (Bill) and his dad (Norm) for the first time…my BFF AE came for a visit and got to meet Bob finally…and Mom and I made baskets at the Longaberger/Boyds Bear annual shindig

September 2009…still unpacking and settling in…Jax started 4th grade at his new school…Bob and I saw Jimmy Buffett (my first time)…my mom came for a short visit…Heidi came¬†for a short¬†visit…Poolesville Day…we made it to two Boston vs Orioles games in a row…and I took Bob on his first trip to Busch Gardens

October 2009…still unpacking but pretty much settled…Jax¬†started taking sax lessons…my mom came for a short visit…we all got more involved with Cub Scouts…we all three had dental check-ups in the same week (just a weird coincidence…and no cavities)…Jax and I both battled the flu…and Halloween (didn’t celebrate much since Jax and I were both sick)

November 2009…finished battling the flu…Scouting for food (our town gathered 5,000 pounds of food for WUMCO)…Layla got spayed…Bob and I got engaged (!!!!!!!!!!!)…if possible, Bob and I got even more engrossed in Cub Scout as I became the assistant Den Leader, Bob became the Committee Chair, and we both went for an entire day of training…we had Thanksgiving at Tommy and Don’s house so Bob got to meet some more of my family…and mom and I did the annual Back Friday shopping excursion and it continues to be something I look forward to every year

December 2009…Bob celebrated his birthday…Heidi came for a visit and her boyfriend (Greg) joined us for a couple of days…we were hit with the blizzard of 2009 (20 inches of snow)…Jax got 3 days off from school and thus began his winter break early…Bob’s dad (Norm) celebrated his birthday…Norm came for a visit…Jax celebrated his 10th birthday…Bob’s son (Brian) came to visit…my mom and step dad came for a short visit…and a Merry Christmas was had by all

Phew…that about sums it up!

So…look forward to posts about wedding plans, blending families, and marital bliss in the coming months ūüėČ

I hope you and yours have had a wonderful 2009 and look forward to an even better 2010!!

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day

Happy indeed!!

Jax and I went to Muffins for Moms at his school on Thursday. It went so much better than last year! It was just lovely.

A few people had asked Jax if he needed to do some shopping for me for Mother’s Day. His reply was “I’ve got it covered” or “It’s taken care of” which I thought was adorable and of course wondered what he could possibly have up his sleeve. Friday afternoon when I picked him up from school, he could hold it in no longer…he had made a pin out of pressed paper and a beautiful card. The sentiment he wrote in the card made me cry…I assured him they were tears of happiness!

I was greeted with a wonderful breakfast Sunday morning! Then we went to Medieval Times for a late lunch/early dinner! Bonus…our knight won the tournament!

The Red Sox vs Rays game was on TV Sunday night and they were swinging pink bats in support of breast cancer research. Bonus…the Red Sox beat the Rays!

It was truly a memorable Mother’s Day! Hope all of you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day and felt especially loved and appreciated!

Phew…been a while

I’m still here…well, not HERE…but still around.

I think about blogging all the time but I obviously haven’t made it past the “good intentions” stage in a while.

So, here’s a random update that is going to leave out a lot of details ūüėČ If you know me, you’ll be able to fill some of them in…if you don’t know me and you’re insanely curious, you’re going to have to get in touch with me :p

It’s baseball season!! I have yet to make it to a live baseball game but I have caught more than a few on TV. The Red Sox will be in DC the week of my birthday. If anyone has 5 tickets together that they’re just dying to get rid of, please, let me know. There was a stupid limit put on the tickets and you could only by 4 at a time. My mom and Ed will be here that week…so we need a total of 5 tickets…preferably together.

School is winding down. Jackson has done really well this year! His last report card was great and it looks like he will finish the year very well.

Muffins for Moms is later this week. I was looking back at last year’s pre-Mother’s Day post regarding Muffins for Moms. Let’s just hope this year goes better ūüėČ

The rain here is driving me crazy! It’s been raining pretty steady for about a week and is supposed to continue the rest of the week. It’s not raining today but it’s still cloudy. The weather is officially depressing me.

Well, that’s about all for now. Think of this as a teaser…I’ll come back soon with more updates…and hopefully more regular posts. I’ll certainly let you know how Muffins for Moms goes ūüôā

Random Things About Me

  1. I am not a labels kind of girl…but…Sam & Libby and Jessica McClintock will always hold a special place in my heart.
  2. I still love getting the opportunity to do the Electric Slide (Cha Cha Slide is a close second).
  3. I am obsessed with lip stuff – chapstick, lip gloss, vaseline lip therapy, etc.
  4. Mid-day naps are my absolute guiltiest pleasure (a rare guilty pleasure, but oh so divine).
  5. If I could relive one day, it would be a day when Jax was about 3 months old…and I would spend the day holding him.
  6. If I could relive a day and change history…I would go back to the day I gave birth…request a different ob-gyn, get an epidural, and demand a C-section.
  7. I still have Christmas movies saved on my DVR…ones I didn’t watch this year and can’t quite bring myself to delete them.
  8. I am learning to establish boundaries…and it’s friggin’ hard.
  9. I wish I had known how beautiful I was 15 years ago and I wonder if I’ll look back 15 years from now and wish the same thing.
  10. I have never been able to decide if I’m a cat person or a dog person…I think I am simply an animal person.
  11. I often think that what keeps me from hitting the lottery is that I wouldn’t know how to live as a rich person…I’d still shop at Target and Kohls and complain when Diet Coke isn’t on sale.
  12. What’s more likely keeping me from winning the lottery is that I don’t buy lottery tickets.