Cruise Wardrobe

I wanted a place to post all of my recent purchases for my upcoming honeymoon cruise 🙂

This is for formal night

Cute dress and a steal at $10...will definitely wear different shoes

Easy, breezy and perfect for the Caribbean...thinking about also getting this in black

Bob's jaw hit the floor (in a good way) when I modeled this dress...'nuff said 😉

a little sexy, a little modest, and hides some flaws

Black Cami Dress...same as the white one I already got...had to get it in black

This is the same dress as the one with the pink flowers but I thought it would be nice to have in all black since it was such a hit with Bob

Other Clothes (that I already own) I’m bringing:

  • black cardigan (very lightweight and flowy)
  • white cardigan (very lightweight and flowy)
  • pale pink capris (still need a top to go with these) and ivory v-neck sweater
  • white cargo pants and a pink long sleeve t-shirt (this may be what I wear to the ship depending on the weather)
  • brown maxi dress (gauzey cotton)
  • black surplice neckline  maxi dress (similar in style to the pink flowered dress above but with blue, green, and purple flowers…wore it to Jimmy Buffett concert)
  • white and pink tank style sundress (so hard to describe this one…it’s a maxi dress but not flowy and has a very interesting print that’s colorful and paisley-esque)
  • pink v-neck sweater and black and/or tan capris

I think I’m done buying clothes for the trip…now it’s on to accessories 😀

Accessories (that I already own) I am bringing:

  • Pashminas – hot pink, apple green, and soft coral
  • hot pink Kate Spade strappy sandals (I wore them for our wedding last year and I think they will be fabulous with the pink wrap and black dresses)
  • hot pink straw clutch purse (I’ve had this purse forever and never really used it…it’s been dying to go to the caribbean)
  • large straw hat (neutral shade) (think Samantha in the 1st SATC movie…it’s like that and it’s FABULOUS)
  • smaller straw hat (neutral shade)
  • flip flops (black pair, brown pair, might toss in my pink pair)
  • brown sandles (heels)
  • black coach purse (small and goes across your body)
  • sunglasses…OMG can’t forget to bring at least a couple of pairs…cheapos from Target
  • spring longaberger purse
  • espadrilles (black and natural)
  • bathing suit cover-up
  • Keds Bop Toning Mary Janes (black and bone)…these are super comfy and super cute
  • black sandals (heels)

Accessories (and clothes) I’d like to get:

  • Silver strappy sandals (but then I’ll chicken out of wearing the hot pink ones so I’m not going to look too hard)
  • another pashmina (or two) in other colors…maybe a pretty aqua blue or coral
  • black sandals like the brown aerosoles I already have…super cute and super comfy (I will look hard for these) found at the outlet…yay!!
  • some long narrow scarves…I think they would be fun to wrap around my neck with the simple, solid sun dresses I’m bringing
  • a top to go with my pink capris I think I found a lightweight sweater that will do as I will probably be wearing this on the ship

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Of course I’ll remember the important things like undergarments, sunscreen, make-up, credit cards, and things like that 😉


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